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May 4 2022

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Stuie, I have just delivered Gregory back home. He was full of joy that he’s day had gone so well. You no doubt saw that he was initially nervous and a little apprehensive at what was in front of him. I can honestly say your delivery and style on the subject was very reassuring and impressive . He will certainly be coming back for more Simulator experience.

The Simfly experience was a gift for my 13-year old son. I hadn't heard of Simfly previously, and we went in not quite knowing what to expect. The session started with a detailed explanation of how planes fly and using the controls. We then moved on to the simulator. WOW! For me, it was probably the closest I'll get to flying a real airliner. The Simfly team were professional, knowledgeable and passionate throughout our visit. Many thanks Simfly, for this unique and memorable experience. We had a great afternoon and will recommend your company to friends and family."

2nd Visit to SimFly for Aaden and another awesome experience! Can’t thank Stuie enough. The attention to detail is incredible, check-in desk, departure boards, tannoy announcements, aircraft seating complete with overhead lockers and an ‘in flight’ drinks service. Stuie’s rapport is great, making us all feel welcome and Aaden relaxed. Also a true gent looking after 92 year old Auntie Joan! Aaden’s experience was educational, interesting and fun. Particular highlight being a Dambuster reenactment in the Lakes! Thanks also for all the information needed to take Aaden’s next steps in aviation. If you’re serious about aviation or just want to try something different please give this place a go. Honestly amazing! We’ll be back 👨‍✈️ ✈️

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Great flying on the B737 simulator today. Students have had the opportunity to practice take off and landings as well as dealing with on board medical emergencies. What an amazing opportunity thank you @sim.fly737. Maybe time for the real thing soon

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Really enjoyed it! Probably exceeded my expectations.
The scenery is every bit as real as when you’re doing the real flight.
You actually do feel like you could jump in a plane and fly the thing now!

"SimFly Darlington is the most realistic flight simulator around, it's so real you have to remind yourself you haven't left the ground. It offers the full air travel experience from the moment you enter the departure lounge, until you take your place in the captain's seat and take to the skies. You can even take passengers with you, watching you fly the plane from genuine 737 plane seats. But probably the best thing about SimFly is the instructor. Stuie Ellerton is a very experienced pilot who's clear instructions and simple explanations makes it so easy for you to learn to fly in the simulator and make the whole experience so enjoyable!"

'From the moment you set foot inside SimFly, you are immersed in all things aviation. The attention to detail is second to none and really adds to the experience. My instructor, Stuie, was excellent. His knowledge, patience and sense of humour puts you immediately at ease as he guides you through the art of flying the 737. From complete novices to expert pilots, SimFly has something for everyone'

Yesterday we visited SimFly - Virtual Global Flying and took 4 of our members for a flight! They learnt how to control the 737, take offs, landings, as well as understanding the layout of the 737! "The SimFly Experience was a great way to put what we've learnt into practice from our studies. Having an instructor there really does help to get a great appreciation of the skills needed to fly it!" A big thank you to Stuie Ellerton for having us, and for Joseph Branagan and Nathan Coatesworth for helping to organise it.

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We all thoroughly enjoyed our little family trip to the airport! My dad loved flying from Calgary over the Rockies, such a great experience with the amazing views and fabulous flight coaching from Stuie. Adults and kids were mesmerised watching the new pilot in action. Thanks also to the lovely Hostess who looked after us all in the cabin!

Hi Stuie, I must take time out to say thank you for the best hour plus I’ve had for a long time !! The Simfly Simulator has got to be flown again and I will be definitely recommending it to family and friends Well done and many thanks for a great time.

What an amazing experience at Simfly- Virtual Global Flying last night! Stuie was very patient with me especially when I bounced his baby and crashed into the trees at Newcastle airport!!! The show off that is Lindsey executed a perfect landing in Jamaica 🇯🇲 whilst I sat back and sipped fizz 🥂 in the cabin! This is right here in Darlington! The whole experience was fantastic from start to finish! Check in desk, boarding passes, tannoy announcements and a board showing the flights heading out! Stu has all the authentic plane paraphernalia including the drinks trolly!!! I don’t want to say anymore and ruin the experience for you, but trust me when I say this an adventure you need to go on!!!! Can’t wait to go back again with the girls for a fizz & strawberries night!!! 🥂🍓

I flew the Boeing 737 flight simulator at SimFly, Darlington, on 12th February and came away with huge respect for the professional pilots who fly the real thing around the world. My time at the controls was an amazing experience. Stuie is clearly a highly skilled pilot who dug me out of trouble now and again with a few quick and expert touches to the flight controls which, frankly, were hugely impressive in their own right. I absolutely recommend you to get into the captain's seat at SimFly, Darlington, with Stuie as your 737 co-pilot. It's not only great fun but also a brilliant introduction to what it takes to be an aircraft pilot. You'll love it!

A surreal experience which brought to life what it is like to be a pilot! Great hands on learning and throughly enjoyable, even for someone with no experience. Credit to Stuie the instructor who made myself and friends feel very welcome and just like we were going on holiday, highly recommended’’

I'm absolutely buzzing. It's going to be something that lives with me for a long time. This changes everything. Get yourself down here. It is utterly mind-blowing!

Hello! me and a friend recently had this experience for my 30th birthday! The check-in area was very authentic, stuie couldn't have been any more welcoming and he seemed a nice bloke to get on with, he explained all the controls in detail. we went into the 737 room and even more detail and thought had been put into it. it must have took some time and effort to put it all together. it was truly jaw dropping as you walked Into the room. as soon as I got into the cockpit stuie made me feel really at ease. everything looked so realistic. take off and landing we ofcourse the best parts as in real life 😀. we flew back into Newcastle at night and what a sight to see all the lights and runway coming off the coast. I would certainly recommend this experience 100% ! Thanks stuie for your hospitality

Amazing set up and equally as good teacher! I had never flown on a simulator before and managed to land it a few times with some guidance. Amazing opportunity and would recommend to anyone, such good fun.

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What an amazing experience! Malcolm was absolutely buzzing after the pilot session with Stuie. Being diagnosed with a Grade 4 brain tumour sometimes makes processing instructions difficult. Stuie was patient, friendly and a very informative instructor who really does know his stuff! Malcolm thoroughly enjoyed his afternoon as Stuie’s Co-pilot. This is so good everyone should try it, young or old!! Leeds Bradford this time …. Where are we going to next ???