prosecco, strawberries & cream

Enjoy a prosecco and strawberries whilst flying over the statue of liberty, or over downtown New York City!

Join us onboard for a Prosecco, Strawberries and Cream flight!

Fasten your seatbelts as we take to the skies over the UK and beyond.

Complimentary Prosecco and Strawberries with Cream will be served from our Cabin Crew mid flight whilst each of the participants gets to fly a 737 jet airliner.

No time limit on this particular flight!

We aim to take to the skies around 7pm, with music in the cabin and our drinks and snacks service delivered to your seat and pull down tray table.

Each member of your party will be able to take to the controls and experience the thrills of sitting in the flight deck whilst cruising at 30 thousand feet.

Choose your destination and enjoy the service at SimFly