cabin crew experience flight

For a little extra cost than the flight experience days we offer our SimFly cabin crew staff, who aim to make your visit to us even more realistic.

Our cabin crew staff will check you in for your flight and provide a welcome refreshments service.

Following your check in procedure and preflight briefing, our crew will deliver a full preflight safety demonstration, before departure bringing total authenticity to your flight experience.

Mid flight the crew will provide you with a drinks service from our original airlines trolley and ensure that as passengers you are feeling relaxed and are enjoying your trip to visit SimFly and your flight.

The cabin crew experience brings total originality and authenticity to your visit and goes a long way to underpinning the realism of your full experience at SimFly.

The cabin crew experience is available at selected times, predominantly evening and weekend flights and subject to availability. Please let us know that you require the cabin crew experience to enhance your flight upon booking.

The crew and myself look forward to welcoming you onboard your flight experience at SimFly.